Self-love is a verb.

Are you loving yourself? Daily?

Radical self-love is a process of peeling back the stories, pain, narratives, and trauma that keep you stuck playing the victim of your own circumstance.


Hey my loves,



This is my Story...(in 2:00 minutes)

Grew up in the UK.

Parents divorced at 3 years old.

Lived with my Dad.

Experienced sexual trauma.

Rejected my feminine, experienced deep pain with an inability to express it or feel safe in my body.

Rejected women and felt threatened by women.


Stole things.

Was angry.


Hurt me and others.

I used sex, drugs, alcohol, self-harm, lying, and sports as a way to disguise my self-loathing.

Wore my masculine 'big girl pants' like a coat of armor.

The deep ache to change, heal, and knew I was worthy of more.

Eventually began my healing.

Integrated my own experience of Transformation Theory over the next 8 years.

Began the journey of Radical self-love.

Began taking Radical-responsibility for myself.

Addressed my childhood family structures.

Explored childhood trauma.

Spoke openly about my parent's divorce.

Began healing my sexual trauma.

Addressed addictions.

Healed my body image journey.

Made slip-ups.

Showed compassion towards myself.


Now 8 years into my own healing and 11 years into coaching and supporting women all over the world.

Creator of The Transformation Theory - this system allows transformation and healing from a holistic approach that guarantees results.

If you are ready to transform you can. That's all it takes.

I am still a work in progress as we all should be but my superpower is allowing women to feel safe, heard, and seen whilst taking radical responsibility for themselves.


Start your Radical-Self Love journey today.

The work is powerful and transformative.

This is not available for women who want to 'do' the work. You must be willing to 'be' the work.

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